A few pics from Romanian Testing Conference 2015

I repeat myself when I say that I had the privilege of speaking at this wonderful conference. It was my first visit to Romania and I had a truly wonderful time. It was a very well organised event. Kudos to all the organisers and more importantly the volunteers! The effort they put in delivered some very good results. I was warmly welcomed and taken very good care of during my stay. I even had a car waiting to pick me up at the airport!


The quality of talks and workshops delivered was excellent. Now, I am not saying this just because I was a speaker there too! 🙂 The audience appeared to be very interested in the topics being discussed and interacted well with the speakers.



The founders Andrei Contan and Andrei Ghinescu organised speakers events which made the trip very special to me. It was  great opportunity to spend time with other speakers.


I wish I had time to write up in detail about the event, but I am hoping that pictures would suffice for now 🙂

IMG_20150513_121025739_HDR IMG_20150513_172406292_HDR IMG_20150515_170406543_HDR   IMG_20150515_165534837_HDR


IMG_20150515_164035675_HDR IMG_20150515_163844015_HDRIMG_20150515_164843751_HDR



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