A new road – a new phase in My Journey

Quite a few months ago I embarked on a new path in My Journey (this blog is a journal of sorts of my professional journey). I am now a Scrum Master for an amazing team at NewVoiceMedia. There were a couple of reasons for doing this and I will go into detail in a different post.

This is not to say that I am not a part of the Testing Community any more. On the contrary, I think that I will be able to bring newer insights as my perception of the world is altered. I will be expanding my horizons and looking for opportunities to improve my skills and well as help others in the wider Agile Community.

As part of this change, you may find that the content of my posts to change. Or you may not. Time will tell.

Thank you everyone who has ever read what I have written in the past. Without your support and encouragement, I will not have been able to continue. I hope that you will continue with your support. Here’s to a bright new future!




One thought on “A new road – a new phase in My Journey

  1. Congratulations and good luck with your journey!
    I am looking forward to great new content on your blog and hear great things from and about you in the future.
    All the best!


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