Inaugural CovTestersMeetup

I attended the first ever CovTestersMeetup yesterday. It was organised by Ranjit Shringarpure (@ranjitsh) and was hosted at ACUGMS’s offices in Coventry.

One word that describes the experience for me would be ‘impressed’. There was good turn out and everyone was keen to share and learn from each other. Ranjit wanted to dedicate the first meetup to Women as it was International Women’s Day last week. It was a beautiful thought and as if to prove a point there were nearly as many women as men at the meetup and we all know that rarely happens! I was honoured to have presented a small talk about Pair Testing (more on this topic in a different post) on this occasion.

All the attendees were very friendly and eager to have conversations around test pairing. There were some really good questions and equally good answers. I walk away thinking that I have certainly learnt something from the attendees at the meetup. I met some lovely people and hope to see them again. I will be looking forward to the next one. Good job Ranjit!

Below are a couple of pictures for your enjoyment. I totally copied them from other’s tweets as I forgot to take pictures myself.


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