MEWT 3 – A newcomers experience

This post has been in my drafts for over 3 months, high time I clicked publish!. As you read on you will notice that it is incomplete but I felt that it is better to publish rather than leave it in my drafts. More importantly CFP for MEWT4 is on open and it will be awesome if someone new can get inspired to apply.

On April the 18th 2015, MEWT 3 was held at Attenborough Nature Reserve. A huge thank you to Equal Experts who sponsored the event. It was organised by Richard Bradshaw, Simon Knight, Bill Matthews and Vernon Richards. Vernon did a stellar job of facilitating the event. No amount of thanks to the four of them would suffice.

Let me start with the location, it was simply awesome! Look at the pictures below and you will know why.

MEWT 3 was attended by Dorothy Graham, Dan Billing, Christian Legget, Neil McCarthy, Christopher Chant, Anna Baik, Duncan Nisbet, Adam Knight and myself. (Of course the organisers too!)
Topics presented by all of the attendees can be found here:
We used the dot system to select the order in which we would present.
(this is the main part which I never got down to write, eek)
All in all, it was great to be a part of it and I would love to be able to go again.
FYI: Call for Papers in now on for MEWT4 is now open! . I would strongly suggest that you apply as the experience cannot be compared with other conferences. It is a safe peer group environment where topics can be discussed without fear of being rejected by the group.

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